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BBQR’s Delight Peach Flavor Wood Smoking Pellets 40lb



Whether you’re smokin’ or grillin’ the sky’s the limit. Pellets are a unique form of natural wood. When they are made, all of the air within the cellular structure of the wood is evacuated, thus, concentrating the wood into a very dense form – much denser than the natural tree. As compared to other wood flavor enhancers, pellets will yield a more intense smoke more quickly. BBQr’s Delight pellets are 100% wood, no chemicals, oils or other additives!

  • Peach with Oak base
  • Our pellet grill fuel is flavor wood blended with oak to give you consistent, clean fire for your pellet burning cooker and plenty of great smoke flavor for your food.
  • 20 lb bag
  • Premium Quality
  • 100% all-natural hardwood
  • Clean burn
  • Low ash

1 Truck (24 Tons), 10 Tons


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