Modular buildings provide a fast and flexible solution to accommodation requirements as the units are manufactured in a factory environment not affected by the weather and site installation, onto foundations, can be carried out quickly.

For maximum flexibility, Novan Woods offers three types of new modular buildings with a range of features to meet different customer requirements together with options for pre-owned buildings as well.

Modular buildings can be used for a large variety of uses including offices, community halls, classrooms, healthcare, sports clubs, construction site accommodation, nurseries, storage units and marketing suites. Units can be single storey, double or triple stacked or more if required.

Steel modular buildings for sale

A robust and secure solution is on offer with the Steel Modular system which is ideal where a strong working environment is needed such as in the construction, waste recycling or defence industries.

A fully-welded steel construction, these buildings have an attractive flat-sided external finish which can be painted in the customer’s colour of choice.

Available in modules 10ft (3m) wide, they can be joined side-by-side or end-on-end to create strong buildings of different lengths: 24ft, 32ft or 40ft.

Flexibility also extends to the internal layout which can be configured to almost any requirement or combination including: office, toilet, canteen, drying room, shower, storage or sleeper facilities

Euro Modular Buildings for Sale

This European-designed and built steel-framed composite panel system can be configured on site in different ways to meet specific requirements. Units can be stacked, or positioned next to each other, end-on-end.

Usually available from stock, the system delivers maximum flexibility and with the short lead-time for delivery, it’s ideal for contingency use in case of fire or flood or for construction companies needing more space than provided by individual cabins.

The units come in a range of stock exterior colours such as grey, white and blue.

Compliant Modular Buildings for Sale

The Compliant Modular system is so called because it can be built to comply with building regulations including L1 and SBem standards, as well as meeting energy efficiency, insulation and fire regulations such as 30 minutes or one hour rating.

It provides a flexible range of units for multiple uses, such as offices, community centres, schools and nurseries. The units in this system can be stacked up to a height of three storeys.

Pre-Owned Modular Buildings for Sale

Modular buildings provide a bricks and mortar feel of a permanent building however one of the main benefits is that they can be moved or reused in new locations.

Obviously this has significant environmental benefits and it also means that there are good stocks of good quality Previously used buildings available from completed projects,

These buildings range from those ready to go needing just a basic clean and snag to older buildings that can be fully refurbished to provide a cheaper alternative to new buildings- ideal for projects with limited budgets. All units can be modified to suit individual requirements – we can add kitchens, toilets, canteens, showers, partitions and toilet facilities.

Working with various partners we have access to large stocks of buildings situated all around the UK, and we can usually source something suitable especially if the site is able to compromise on size or layout.

A real benefit of pre-owned buildings they are available from stock and are ideally suited when time is of the essence for example helping to provide replacement accommodation to cope with natural disasters such as flood damage and fire.

We also buy and remove modular buildings from site, if you have a building you no longer require please contact us.

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